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Activity 3B: General SWOT analysis of your school

SWOT analysis: 1 hr
portfolio document: 1 hr
Discussion with group: 30 min


2 hrs 30 mins


Before conducting a SWOT analysis on your school you may wish to learn more about how to conduct a SWOT analysis by reading the following:


  1. With a group of 5 or 6 colleagues from your school, brainstorm about your school's strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats that it faces.
    A SWOT analysis is a useful tool, however, it is not easy to use, so practice can help to improve the collaborative, planning process.

  2. Before starting, explain to your colleagues what is meant by a SWOT analysis and provide them with examples (sample SWOT analysis of Nkazimlo Primary School) as included in the introduction to this activity.

  3. When doing the brainstorm of your school, answer these questions:
  • What strengths can you identify?
  • What weaknesses?
  • What opportunities exist in your school's context?
  • What threats exist in your school's context/environment?
  1. For your brainstorm with colleagues at the school, create a SWOT template on flip chart paper, a white board and/or on a blackboard. You may even want to work around a computer to do the SWOT. If you work on the general SWOT analysis of our school template, save this as a portfolio document called School SWOT analysis.
Share this SWOT analysis with your group by attaching the portfolio document to e-mail to your group.
Offer comments on at least one other group member's SWOT. Include the feedback you receive from your peers and tutor in your portfolio document.

Extra resources

Why is planning so important?




Once you have completed this activity, click here to move to Activity 3C - An ICT specific SWOT analysis of the school.

ICT Planning for Schools
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