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Activity 7: Plotting Ticker Timer data



1 hr



The data in table 1 below represents results from a ticker timer experiment to investigate the displacement-time relationship for uniform linear motion.

The table contains data that is going to be used to explore the relationship between displacement and time. The numbers shown in red have been calculated using a spreadsheet.

  t t s
0 0,00 0,00 0,00    
1 0,20 0,20 0,32 0,32 1,60
2 0,40 0,20 0,65 0,33 1,65
3 0,60 0,20 0,97 0,32 1,60
4 0,80 0,20 1,28 0,31 1,55
5 1,00 0,20 1,60 0,32 1,60
6 1,20 0,20 1,91 0,31 1,55
7 1.40 0,20 2,24 0,33 1,65

Table 1: Displacement time relationship

Processing the Data

  1. Open the spreadsheet called Ticker Timer Results. Then use Excel to do the following:
  • Click into the cell E19 and type in the formula for calculating the change in displacement. [ = D19 - D18]
  • Click on the cell E19 again and use the fill-handle to fill in all the other values of s in the column. Check that the formulae are correct by clicking on each cell and looking at the formula bar results window
  • Click on the cell F19 and enter the formula for calculating the velocity between time intervals. [ = E19 / C19 ]
  • Use the fill handle to fill in all the values for the velocity column
  • Use the equation editor to put the equations:
s and

above the columns for displacement change and velocity. (Help is available on the equation editor tip sheet.)

Complete your e-diary about this activity, and email your spreadsheet to your tutor.



Once you have completed this activity, click here to move to Activity 8 - Plotting a spreadsheet graph. This activity builds on the work above, so be sure to keep a copy of the spreadsheet that you have worked on.

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