Leader, Administrator and Manager

Mediator / Curriculum Interpreter / Administrator / Scholar / Pastoral /
/ Learning Area Specialist

Practical competence - Where the learner demonstrates the ability, in an authentic context, to consider a range of possibilities for action, make considered decisions about which possibility to follow, and to perform the chosen action.)
Managing classroom teaching of various kinds (individualised, small group etc.) in different educational contexts and particularly with large and diverse groups.
Constructing a classroom atmosphere which is democratic but disciplined, and which is sensitive to culture, race and gender differences as well as to disabilities.
Resolving conflict situations within classrooms in an ethical sensitive manner.
Promoting the values and principles of the constitution particularly those related to human rights and the environment.
Maintaining efficient financial controls.
Working with other practitioners in team-teaching and participative decision making.
Accessing and working in partnership with professional services and other resources in order to provide support for learners.
Respecting the role of parents and the community and assisting in building structures to facilitate this.

Foundational competence (where the learner demonstrates an understanding of the knowledge and thinking which underpins the actions taken.)
Understanding approaches to problem-solving, conflict resolution and group dynamics within a South African and developing world context characterised by diversity.
Understanding various approaches to the organisation of integrated teaching
programmed and team teaching.
Understanding various approaches to the management of classrooms, with particulary emphasis on large, under-resourced and diverse classrooms.
Knowledge of available professional and community support services and strategies for using their expertise.
Understanding current legislation on the management of learners and schools.

Knowledge of educators’ unions, the South African Council for Educators and other relevant professional bodies.

Understanding constitutional commitment to human rights and the environment.

Reflexive competence - (where the learner demonstrates the ability to integrate or connect performances and decision making with understanding and with the ability to adapt to change and unforeseen circumstances and explain the reasons behind these actions.)
Reflecting on strategies to assist educators working on integrated teaching
programmed and in team teaching.
Critically examining a variety of management options, making choices based on
existing and potential conditions, and defending these choices.
Adapting systems, procedures and actions according to circumstances.

Mediator / Curriculum Interpreter / Administrator / Scholar / Pastoral /
/ Learning Area Specialist

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